13 Days Post-op

I went in this morning to get my staples out.  The first one hurt, but after that, it just felt like a pinch.  The tool he used looks like a dull pair of scissors.  He puts the blade in the middle of the staple and closes the “scissors” and the sides of the staple just pop up and he pulls it out the rest of the way.  I now just have steri-strips over the incision.  I can shower with them on, just can’t scrub it.  Still no bath, hot tub, or swimming until it is completely healed.

One thought on “13 Days Post-op

  1. Looks good, I too am day 13 post op tkr. I notice you don’t have much bruising. I have bruising back and front from my knee to my ankle. I find I have good days and bad days pain wise and depending on what I have tried to do. I have realised this will be a very slow recovery!

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