The AirCast pump is what houses the ice and water that will circulate through the cuff.  Pay attention to the proper ratio of ice to water.  If you don’t have an ice maker in your house, make sure you at least have a small deep freezer.  This does go through quite a bit of ice…but it is very worth it.  The handy thing of this is that the cuff can be left on the knee and be detached so you can get up and go do your walking (or visit the bathroom).

The pump needs to be plugged in to work.  Just remember before you detach the hose from the cuff, unplug the pump from the power supply so water doesn’t shoot out at you.  😉  The pump works much better if it is placed higher than your knee.  To clean it, just use hot water to rinse it out and then let it sit upside in your sink to air dry.  My guess is that we won’t need to clean it for a while as we will be using it for quite some time.

The power supply goes from the wall to the top of the pump. The hose goes from the bottom of the pump to the top of the cuff.

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