Update on first trip…

Well, the first trip is going so-so.  My knee was definitely swollen after a 15 hour shift.  It was so swollen that my pants around the knee were stretched and they are not stretchy pants.  Hmm…I did use the cryo-cuff, but I only had 4 hours to use it before I had to get up again.  Then I was on it again for 5 hours and then had 5 hours of rest before I had to come back to work and pull a 12 hour shift plus a few hours extra for travel and getting ready.  My leg is pretty swollen from the knee down.  I anticipate having to take off a few days next week.  Hopefully I’m wrong, but I think I better be safe than sorry.  I have to travel again soon and want to be a bit healthier by then.

I have had a lot of support here while onsite and at the hotel.  The project manager and engineer have been great.  They have been helping me with my bags, helped me move to a new room at the hotel, and even helped me get ice for my cryo-cuff.  I am very blessed to have such good people in my life. 

When I get off work this morning I’m heading straight back to the hotel, getting ice, putting on my PJs, take my meds and try to sleep fast.  I have to be back up around 1530 (that’s 3:30 pm for you civilians).  🙂  I definitely need sleep. 

I hope you have a great day and work hard while I’m catching some Zs.  🙂

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