Two weeks and counting…

Two weeks to the day and I will be having my surgery.  I am really excited, but I’m starting to get nervous.  I’m not sure if I’m fully prepared for this, but I’m doing my best.  I’m working up until the day of my surgery.  I think it’s the only way to keep myself sane. 

Special thanks to Celeste who posted a response to my first blog.  I’m looking forward to some further discussions with her. 

My PA suggested that I spend 3-5 days in a rehab center after I’m discharged from the Surgery Center.  I told her “no way, no how, not gonna happen.”  I’m going home and going to sleep in my own bed and take care of myself.  I am very optimistic about my recovery period.  I’m tough…and I’m not going to let this recovery get me down. 

I thought about looking for a recumbant 3-wheeled bicycle for after surgery.  The only problem is, I don’t have a garage and I live up on the second floor of an apartment.  I would have to carry it up/down the stairs each time…and I’m not sure I can do that right away.  Anyone know of any bicycle lifts that I can attach to my balcony to hoist my bike up that way?  🙂  My neighbor has a stationary bike in one of her bedrooms and she said I can use that during my recovery.  I think between that, the physical therapy, and walking my dog…I have things covered.  Well, at least I hope I do.

For those of you that have had a TKR done already, what kind of pain meds did you use post-op (if any) and did it really help?  I can’t do anything like Aleve…can only do Tylenol products from over-the-counter due to a RNY I had last year. 

Until next time…keep on stepping!

Countdown to TKR…

31 days and counting…

Hi, there!  I am excited to journal my thoughts and feelings as well as information I learn along the way of Total Knee Replacement.  This is not a decision that was made lightly by either myself or my surgeon.  I have involved my primary care doctor as well as my orthopedic doctor in this decision.  This will be my first total knee replacement surgery but my 13th surgery in life total.  Lucky 13!

I am very excited and also very nervous.  I looked for an online support group for patients like me but did not have any luck.  In fact, the first site I found there were 8 people that did nothing but complain about having it done.  I have faith in my surgeon and know he would not agree to it if he felt it would be a detriment to my way of life.

My surgery is scheduled for the first week in August. Insurance has already approved the MRI, surgery, and rehab.  I am very blessed in having pretty good insurance.  I am also fortunate that I do not have to go far as the surgery/rehab center is in my home town.  My surgeon is Dr. Trumper.

I had my MRI on Monday and it has been shipped off to Belgium where they will be creating my new knee.  One of my friends asked me if they were going to make my knee out of chocolate as Belgium has some of the finest chocolates around.  That does sound yummy, but with as hot as it has been here lately, I would have to go around with ice packs on my knee all the time to keep it from melting.  🙂  I have another friend who has said that she is going to be looking for a bionic woman tshirt.  LOL!  I hope I feel like a bionic woman after I heal from all this.

My pre-op appointment is on the week prior to the surgery.  It will be the normal pre-op stuff:  EKG, blood tests, talk to the anesthesiologist, and meet with my surgeon one last time before the operation.  I will be pretty busy with work up until then…thank goodness!!

As for support, I have a wonderful family and great friends who will help me through the tough parts of this process.  I also have my faith that will be my main support system.  I have already submitted a request for one of the pastors from my church to come to the center the morning of the surgery and pray with me.  I did it with my last surgery and it really helped put me at ease.

So, why I am writing this journal?  I am hoping to reach other people who have either had this surgery or are thinking about it.  A year ago June 23, I had Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass.  If it wasn’t for the online support group as well as my family and friends, I don’t believe I would have been as successful as I was.  So far I have lost 123 pounds!!  I was certain that after losing the majority of my weight, my knee would be happy again.  Apparently the damage had already been done.  😦  However, I don’t want to do things like power lifting any more and I have never been a runner.  What I want to accomplish from this is just to be able to walk again with as little pain as possible.  I want to be able to walk in 5k walks and get in shape.  I want to be strong enough to be able to have surgery later to remove excess skin as a result of my weightloss.  I need support and encouragement to make it through the tough days of physical therapy and the pain from recovery.  This is why I am writing this journal and sharing it with anyone who wants to read it.

Please feel free to leave comments and feedback.  Words of encouragement are always welcome.  If you have tips on how to prepare for the entire process, I welcome those as well.  This is my first attempt at a blog so it will be trial and error as I go along.  I am excited about the process and looking forward to my new knee!!